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Master Suki Soup

Looking for an amazing and new taste experience? You need to try Master Suki soup! Master Suki Soup is one of the restaurant specialized in Cambodian style hot pot 'soup'. The soup is much more than something to fill the belly; it provides taste of nutritional veggies

Master Suki Soup is a style of dining in which a hot soup is usually heated in the middle of the table (equipped with portable stove), and a variety of meat slices and vegetables can be cooked within it. This is nice for group and family dining, as different ingredients could be boiled altogether at the same time. In Master Suki, the basic package of meal is the soup selections together with nutritious vegetables and noodle. If guests would like additional ingredients, they have variety of fish cuts, fish balls, mushrooms, green vegetables, tofu, noodles, jelly fish, squids, prawns, or crab meat products. They also serve other a-la-carte menus.


Master Suki Soup restaurant is the most famous suki hot pot in Cambodia. We currently have 7 branches in Phnom Penh, one branch in Siem Reap and SihanoukVille. Our 1st branch is at Bak Touk, 2nd branch is at Chroy Changva, 3rd branch is in Sorya Shopping Center 6th-8th floors, 4th branch is in Sovanna shopping center 4th floor, 5th Bokor, 6th Dreamland, 7th Sothearos Blvd, 8th Siem Reap and 9th SihanoukVille. Master Suki Soup has seen more than 10 years of serving Suki Soup especially to Phnom Penh resident.

Master Suki Soup Contacts
Address: Nº. 01, OumKhun Street, Mondul 2 Village, SvayDangkum Commune, next to Prince D´Angkor Hotel & Spa
Tel: 092 153 538 / 063 963 322
Fax: 023 986 848 / 023 222 827
Email: info@mastersukisoup.com
website: www.mastersukisoup.com
  • Master Suki Soup
  • Master Suki Soup
  • Master Suki Soup
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